Friday, October 23, 2009

So busy Cleaning Gutters in Portland, Not Much Time to Write.

So my employee and I are extremely busy cleaning gutters. I really can't think of a much easier way to make a lot of money. I only worked 4 days this week and managed to make over $2000. Anyway, life is good for now.

I want to write about a great gutter cleaning tool I invented and how it made me an extra $139 today. You see not all roofs are created equally and this roof was so high in the back, that we couldn't reach it by conventional means. (i.e. my highest ladder) Also the shingle were a bit moldy and get down to clean the gutters out or blow them with a saftey line frankly, would be worth the risk. I happen to clean window and so I decided to take the top off of my gutter cleaning rake and crew in on the end of my 12 ft window washing pole. We went up from a short deck near the center rear of the house and we were able to reach both ends of the gutter. It was a great and far less dangerous way to clean out the gutters. I think we will be using this gutter cleaning method again.

The one down side to it however,m is that we were only able to clean out from the ladder 6 inches at a time because the gutters were extremely clogged.

I also want to put in a plug for my site. It may also give you a few good ideas on what to include in your website if you don't already have one yet, my website is at the link Portland gutter Cleaning.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gutter cleaning Tools like and Gutter Scoop and Gutter Rake

Gutter cleaning Tools like and Gutter Scoop and Gutter Rake

There are several different gutter tools you can use to clean out your gutters. Some of these tools include a leaf blower, a shop vac w/ long whole extensions, a gutter rake, and a gutter scooper. This article will describe which tool will work the best with which type of gutters.

What is a Gutter Rake, and When should I use one.

A gutter rake is a 4 to 5 foot tool that helps you extend your reach while on a ladder and clean up to six feet on either side of the ladder you are working on. The way it is designed is that it two different ends on it. The 1st end is just a straight piece and it is used to scrap the stuff in the gutters towards you when you are on the roof or on a ladder. The 2nd end of the gutter rake is curved and has an L at the end. This piece pushes the gutter debris under the gutter joints and move it closer to you so you can take it out with your hands.
The best gutters to use a gutter cleaning rake on are gutters with leaves and other lightweight debris in them and gutters that are less then half full. The gutter rake works great with both dry and wet gutters.

Using a Shop Vac to Clean Gutters

I have a gutter cleaning friend who always raves about how could a shop vac works. He use it with an extra long hose and sucks all the debris out of the gutters. It works best with medium to light build up. It seems to be a really quick and easy way to clean out gutters. I look forward to trying this method in the near future.

When should I use a leaf blower to clean my gutters?

Generally a leaf blower works best when the gutter are dry and the roof isn’t very steep. Gas blowers are far superior to electric because they are cordless and has more power. The clean out the gutters, simply walk along the edge of the roof and blow out excess debris. Then rake of the stuff underneath if needed. With smaller houses, leaf blower gutter cleaning can take less then an hour. If gutter has water or mud in them drain before blowing and make sure to remove patio furtiture off of the back porch before beginning.

What is a gutter scoop and how to make one?

A Gutter scoop is an interesting tool that will help you clean you gutters. If you want to make your own, you can simply cut up a milk jug and use it as a gutter scoop. We actually recommend a store bought one because it will often have a better design, last longer, and work better at removing heavy gutter debris out of your gutters. A gutter scoop works well with any gutter, it can be used in conjunction with a gutter rake or a shop vac.

Gutter rake substitutes or how to make a gutter rake – If you don’t want to buy a rake, you can use a hoe or even just a pole, but it will take a little longer.