Friday, February 5, 2010

How to Make Extra Easy Money Cleaning Gutters

So if you are interested in a really easy way to make money now, you could probably make money tomorrow cleaning gutters. This is a really easy business to start because all it requires is a ladder and a bucket. If you already have a bucket all you have to do is borrow the ladder. (For a complete list of recommended equipment please visit our links. If you have a job, you could do it on Saturdays, if you are between jobs you could easily make 300 dollars a day cleaning out gutters on 3 houses.

Peak seasons vary throughout the country but generally the fall and the Spring are super busy times for gutter cleaners.

To start this business simply find a street that has a lot of trees and fairly nice houses. When you knock doors say something to this effect. Hey, I was in the neighborhood cleaning gutters for a few of your neighbors for a great price and I was wondering if you have cleaned your gutters yet this year? When they say no, ask them if they would like a free estimate to have them cleaned.

If you are people phobic, you may also elect to run fliers. Depending on the area, how good your fliers are, and what time of year it is, you should plan on getting between 2 and 10 jobs for every 500 fliers you run.

A note on picking good neighborhoods. I have cleaned gutters in the past and it seems 90% of people who pay you to clean gutters have a jacuzzi so pick affluent middle class neighborhoods for the best results.

Be careful this job can be dangerous, cold, and dirty, but the worse conditions get, the busier you get. After all no one in their right mind except you wants to clean gutters if they can avoid it.c